Dream big to achieve more is a way to go. We at, Sri Fabricators are focused on the quality to give rise to your food business. Our experience along with innovative ideas has made it possible for the business – like style and standard to work with the landscape of the target marke. Lets dive in deeper so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can execute in a effective way.

Building Custom – Tailored Vehicles

Our Success is impossible without the imagination, determination and sweat of our customers. We provide customized and eye catching food trucks, trailors and carts with attractive designs, being the leading manufacturer of them. Our team of food truck experts is here to serve your needs.


Whether you want to serve deep fried goodness or sipping hot coffee, good designing of the vehicle is the foundation for being successful. We’ve got tons of options, with expert team of designers to make your vehicle attractive. From 3D layouts to logo to colours to designing we give it all. We provide winning designs and smart branding to face the fierce competition from other trendy food trucks.

Providing vehicles to Fabricate

Sri Fabricators also provides you the option to get your desired vehicle at a reasonable price, on which you want to get fabricated. From making of Shepard huts, to catering Pods, to push carts, trailors we can suggest you your type of vehicle. Depending on your menu, we can suggest you your vehicle.

Operative ideas

  1. If you want to break into this growing market, you need to be a savvy entrepreneur and operate your business in a classical way.

Your food truck is not only your dream, but your livelihood, so we provide ideas of how to operate it. They usually operate in a very small areas. We mindfully make space for the kitchen equipments, cooking and serving space so that operations can be smooth. From Mechanical job to occupying the smallest part of the truck we do it all.

After sale services

An integral part of any successful food truck is its customer service. Problems will inevitably arise in even the best food trucks. We provide facilities to the customers who come across any problems after the sale of the truck that is during its operations, for any repair, malfunctioning etc.

Selling or Refurbishing old Trucks

Our company provides the facility of selling old torned food trucks by cleaning and modifying them. Our expert team of workers tries our level best in making them a new one. We also provides provision of refurbishing the old trucks, correcting the body parts or any necessary needs.

Kitchen Equipments and Power backups

Sri Fabricators is a multi-operational industry where you get all the kitchen equipments and suggestions regarding their use and utilizing the space to its best. Generators and invertors facility are also given in your food truck.